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Sail SeattleSchooner Mallory Todd sails the waters of Seattle and Pacific Northwest
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Schooner Homeward Bound to Seattle with Space Needle in background

Schooner Mallory Todd docks at South Lake Union, in the heart of Seattle. A quick 10 minute ride from downtown puts you right at our dock, with plenty of parking in the vicinity.

We love to sail at any time, so if you've got a particular time you'd like, or you're trying to put together a special event, please let us put together the perfect cruise to meet your needs.

Ship's Office:
(206) 381-6919

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Driving Directions

From I5 north or south, take the Mercer St. exit. Get in the right lane, turn right onto Fairview, and immediate left onto Valley St. Daniel's Broiler restaurant is right in front of you - parking is available in several public lots nearby. If you have food or beverages, you can grab one of the convenient carts available at the head of the dock. Mallory Todd flag Walk out the dock directly behind Daniel's Broiler, and the ramp for Schooner Mallory Todd will be on your left near the end. Look for our two tall masts and distinctive flag:

Map to Schooner Mallory Todd dock



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