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Chart of Lake Washington
Seattle sailboat charters - the ideal way to see Seattle and Puget Sound.

Sail Seattle

Cruising under Montlake Bridge

Starting at South Lake Union in the heart of Seattle, charters usually cruise Lake Union and through the Montlake Cut, while bridges open for our tall masts. Then sail wherever the winds take you on Lake Washington until returning to Seattle's skyline framed by snow covered mountains.

On your way, check out the houseboats made famous by Sleepless in Seattle, or bald eagles nesting on the tree-lined shore. An ideal way to enjoy Seattle's evergreen wonderland away from the bustle of city streets. Food and beverages can be catered or bring your own, sit back and enjoy the cruise. Your captain and crew take care of everything.

Half Day Charter of 3 - 4 Hours
for up to 30 Guests - $1495

$750 for 2-hour cruise

Schooner Mallory Todd flying all sailsFull-day, extended trips, romantic evening cruises available by request

  • Charter the Schooner Mallory Todd, during the day or long evening, complete with Captain and Crew.
  • Sail in Lake Union, Lake Washington, or the nearby ports of Puget Sound.
  • Experience the Ballard Locks from the inside.
  • Enjoy the very popular nautical playground which is so important to Seattle.
  • Bring your organization, your family, your clients, or your friends.



Exquisite yacht detailing in fireplace and seteeElegantly appropriate to any occasion... Shorts to chiffon, picnics to pressed duck...




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