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Schooner Under Full Sail on Elliott Bay, Puget Sound

Schooner Mallory Todd is a fully found blue water yacht capable of cruising anywhere in the world. Outfitting is exquisite with porcelain fixtures, etched brass, antique stained glass and artifacts from the owner's world cruising to highlight the rubbed teak and mahogany woodwork. She carries six guests in three cabins, two with large upper and standard lower berths and one with a queen berth. Below decks is bright - white bulkheads trimmed with Honduras Mahogany. The forward head has a sit-down shower, while the aft head has a soaking tub with shower.

The main saloon with dining table and separate settee for two, seats eight for dinner which can also be enjoyed in the pilot house to better savor the evening air and long twilight.

Length: 65ft
Beam: 16 ft
Rig: Staysail Schooner

Passengers: Coast Guard certified for up to 30 people, or 6 overnight guests.


The galley is equipped to please any chef. It has a large ice cream holding freezer and a commercial refrigerator along with stove, oven, microwave/convection oven and an often used bread maker. The daily creations from this charmed space are only limited by our imaginations.

Classic yacht interior details

luxurious aft cabin

Named for captain Mallory Todd who served as master on American vessels during the Revolutionary War, the Mallory Todd is a modern 65-foot schooner built in the classic style with fireplaces and exceptionally fine woodwork. Designed for long distance voyages, she has sailed the west coast from Mexico to Alaska for 18 years.


Sail training trips to the San Juan Islands, Canada and Alaska via the Inside Passage are blessed with the full bounty of Nature. Families of Humpback whales, pods of Orcas, sea lions, exuberant dolphins, and sea otters cavort while bears forage ashore, eagles soar the winds and fjord hillsides are breathtaking with wildflowers to entice the naturalist. These trips are open to anyone between 18 and 80 with or without the sailing experience. Together, part time volunteers, trainee and professional get the job done. Hands on, tending the sails, steering, scrubbing, navigating, fishing or claming, each contributes where a need fits their abilities.

Schooner Mallory Todd also offers corporate and private charters that provide a unique and delightful venue for business or recreational activities - be it exclusive executive meeting or picnic outing.

Sailing Heritage SocietyWhen at homeport in Seattle, she relieves the tedium of long-term cancer treatment with recreational outings for hospital patients and their care-givers under the auspices of the non-profit Sailing Heritage Society.

Perry and Todd
RIG Staysail Schooner BUILT: 1981
Seattle/Pacific Northwest, Canada, Alaska Coast Guard: Passenger vessel Subchapter T
WHO SAILS? All ages, for volunteers and paying trainees, apprentices CREW: 2
PROGRAM TYPE Sail training for crew volunteers, trainees and apprentices. Sea education based on programmed and day to day events. Passenger day sails for corporate team building or recreational events. TRAINEES:
25 daysail - 6 overnight
SPECIFICATIONS Sparred length: 65' LOA: 60' LWL: 50'. Draft: 5' min, 8' max Beam: 16'. Rig Height: 65' MASTER:
Captain George Todd


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